2 Weeks on Induction

I have been on Atkins for 2 weeks.  I have completed the required 2 weeks of induction. I’ve come to a few decisions.

I will continue on induction for at least another week. I don’t feel I have controlled my eating enough to come off into a more liberal phase of the plan. I still crave sweets and crunchy salty things. I also still overeat in my opinion. I am definitely still working on my self control. I think with a little more induction I can rein this in. Given the fact that I will be leaving for California next week I think if I can stay on induction my first few days staying with the family I can control myself through anything.

I have learned a lot so far. I know that I can adapt almost any recipe. I also know that the adapted recipe is NOT going to tast like the real high carb thing. I’m okay with that. As long as I don’t feel deprived I know I’m doing things right.

My next challenge is not being whiny when my friends on pinterest post all their high carb pins. I’m going to start trying to remake them to low carb. I’ll post my results on the blog for sure.

I am still keeping up on the every other day walking a mile. I hope that after that next month I can be up to 2 miles. Then  slowly progress to the point where I can do the zombie 5k app!

So, here’s to another 2 weeks on induction!