What Happened To Amber

So I haven’t really posted here since 2013. A lot has happened. After my last post I visited California for the birth of my nephew. My whole eating plan went out the window. Surrounded with junk food, happy hour and carbs in general I couldn’t take it. I caved.

I got back on the wagon for a few weeks when I got back but went back off plan for good in January of 2014 when I started hanging out with my soon to be new (and then ex) roommate.

So where does this leave me?

I’ve gained almost 30 pounds since that time. I’ve regained my sugar addiction, I’ve not paid a scrap of attention to anything regarding my eating.

Unil today. This is day one. Not atkins but a basic keto way of eating.

No more than 20 carbs per day and most of my calories coming from good fats.

I will do this! I have to. I cannot keep going the way I am going. I am now diabetic and need to get this under control. The eye doctor has noticed diabetic issues with my eyes. I’m already blind enough I don’t need to make it any worse!

So I’ll be posting every day to every other day with my feelings and thoughts along the way.

I’m back bitches!


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