Learning To Like Cooking

Ever since I could remember I have hated to cook. Not only did I hate it I sucked at it.

Every time I would hit the kitchen there was sure to be a disaster! Burned, under cooked, stuff falling on the floor, you name it I’ve had it happen.

It was even to the point that my last room mates cooked for me because they’d seen what a kitchen horror I was. It was quite embarrassing. I was that girl who always brought the utensils to potlucks. Or I’d go to the store and buy chips and salsa. Because even the act of making salsa was too complicated for me. Sadly I just looked lazy.

I started cooking for myself again when I moved to Portland in July. I could make passable food. I didn’t burn everything. I didn’t under cook anything either. I even made bread. But I still just wasn’t feeling it.

Until I started eating low carb!!!

Here is my week in food….


This week alone I have made pizza crust and a sandwich muffin without carbs. I made rice out of cauliflower and a pork steak.

I won’t lie, I have had some kitchen fails. Bacon wrapped chicken thighs? Crappy bacon and bone in thighs were not a winning combination. Everything ended up soggy, it was edible though. Pepperoni chips in the oven? Yeah I set off my smoke detector. Also pepperoni doesn’t look burned even when it is.

I’ve burned myself a couple times, dropped things and otherwise made a mess but I have fed myself healthy real food for almost 2 weeks. I feel really good about that! I may not be an uber chef. I am not even saying I like cooking all the time. But I can do it. I can feed myself and others.

I can’t wait until I move on to OWL and can start cooking other types of food. Things that anyone I cook for would love to eat.

Tomorrow I will post the results of my induction phase and friday look for a recipe!


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