My Relationship With Non Sugar Sweetener

The other night I had a mini breakdown. But, it led me to a breakthrough in learning more about myself when it comes to food. So that turned into a win.

I wanted something sweet. I went on LowCarbFriends forum because people are always posting amazing recipes on there. I found a recipe for cream cheese muffins. Everyone talked about how wonderful they were. I HAD to try them.

Maybe I did something wrong, maybe I’m just not a fan. But, they weren’t good. Not that the recipe was bad or anything. I just didn’t like them. I realized this after eating 2 of them.

So I continued on my quest to stomp this sweet craving. I know that at this time of the month I tend to get them and if I don’t give myself a sweet treat I will go crazy and eat the whole apartment.

So I grabbed some sugar free jello (generic) that I picked up at Winco a couple weeks ago. I’d made it that morning and it was ready to go. I took a couple bites. Mmmmmm yummy sweet jello.  I put it back and went to go about my evening. I grabbed some knitting, turned on The Walking Dead on Netflix and settled in.

Then it happened.

I walked back into the kitchen and continued to eat the jello until it was gone. I could not stop.

The next day I felt starved, headachey and miserable. I also did not lose any weight. I went to the box with the recipe on it and looked at the ingredients. The damn jello had aspartame in it!!!

I remembered something the Atkins 2002 book about avoiding aspartame. I went and read up and realized that it causes some peoples blood sugar to spike and makes you feel like you had carbs or sugar. Crap!

I had worried it was the amount of Spenda in the muffins. I worried I ate wrong the whole day. I got down on my habits. But ultimately it was the damn aspartame. It made me feel like shit and I now know to look at the ingredients in “sugar free” foods from here on out.

Since then I have even cut down my intake of Spenda. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t screwing up everything that I’ve accomplished. I’m still working through cravings caused by that night. But, knowing that I have gone from 226 to 217 since I started this makes me just keep pushing through.

I may stay on induction until I leave for California. I’ll start going up to OWL while I’m in California. If I stall or stop losing I will hit induction again when I come back.



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