How I Started Low Carb


I started this blog years ago when I was on a low fat, high hunger diet. It didn’t last long. So, I’m starting from scratch. I am on a low carb way of eating now  and would like you to come along with me on my journey. I’ll be posting recipes, thoughts and other things that have to do with my new lifestyle.

I started Atkins induction on September 28, 2013. Here are my stats at that point.

Start 226

Goal 145

So, why did I finally start to change my way of eating? One word  Diabetes. I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2001. The doctors told me I needed to lose weight and take all kinds of medicine. OK fine. I was 280 pounds at that point and had no idea how to lose that kind of weight.

So, in typical Amber fashion (which you’ll learn more about along the way.) I ignored it. I ate Chinese buffet with friends, got wasted every weekend and snagged rides from anyone i could so I didn’t have to ride the bus or walk.

In 2004 I decided to try a low carb lifestyle. Well, I just thought of it like a diet. “Oh wow, you can totally lose  the weight doing Atkins, just eat meat, cheese and you can have diet sodas.” a friend of mine told me. So we did a little online research and started in on it. The information we picked up was most likely not accurate. We ate things that were not on induction, we drank a lot of diet sodas and we certainly did not eat very many veggies.

One of the 3 of us doing this lost some weight. I did not. So i gave up. I just went back to my old ways, eating fast food and whatever else I could get my fat little hands on!! For years after that I started and stopped low fat diets. Weight Watchers, Spark People, just calorie counting. I did it all. I made fun of anyone who claimed to be of a low carb lifestyle. “Oh yeah you’ll really lose weight doing that…look at me.”

Over the years I somehow managed to lose about 20 pounds. Doing more walking helped I’m sure. Then I started living with vegan roommates and that brought me down to around 230 lbs by June of 2013.

I moved to Portland after living in California and Nevada over the past years. Portland has been my saving point. So much natural food, good veggies, farmers markets galore!! Amazing. I’ll talk about all that later.

So when I first got my place I found it fabulous that i could make food for myself,  I could make what i wanted when I wanted. So I started baking. I baked bread, cookies, cakes, muffins and got crazy with all of it.

One night after eating a huge bowl of sugared strawberries and a half an angel food cake I noticed my vision start to blur. I had also noticed my fingers numbing. I knew these were diabetic symptoms and I freaked the hell out! I started researching plans like Paleo, South Beach and others and somehow my eye got drawn back to Atkins. I watched some YouTube videos and read stories online. I thought “Hey things have changed and maybe if i read the book I can do this.”

So I did.  I went shopping, I cleaned out the kitchen of carb foods (gave them to a friend of mine who knows someone with a family who could use them.) and started looking up recipes.

The first couple days were really difficult. I wanted pizza and whatever else. But I stuck to it. I lost 6 pounds in my first 4 days. OK, the water weight is gone. Now what? I kept with it and am on day 10 of 14 and I have more energy, I’m not hungry constantly and I have lost almost 10 pounds. The symptoms I was feeling have also gone down. No more blurred vision, no more numb feeling. Holy crap! It’s awesome.

So that’s my story. Will you follow me along my journey?




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